Niagara has been a prized honeymoon destination since its earliest days as a tourist attraction, with newlyweds making the trek to the Falls since the period when the area first became accessible by horse and carriage. If you’re participating in this time-honored tradition and have chosen to have your own honeymoon in the area, our sincere congratulations! This scenic area offers a wealth of romantic ways for newly married couples to spend some quality time together, from the world-famous Falls to arts and culture, wine tasting and walks in beautiful natural surroundings. Read on to learn how to make your Niagara Falls honeymoon truly special and memorable. 

Where to stay?

Your first priority after getting to the area is having a lovely place to spend your honeymoon in comfort. We suggest a room with breathtaking views, if you can manage to book one! A handy tip: The Canadian side of the border has more hotels with direct views of the Falls.

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There are numerous places that fit the bill, but there’s one hotel in particular we especially recommend. The Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls has terrific views of both the American Falls and Horseshoe Falls, and some suites have balcony Jacuzzis that directly overlook the waterfalls. In addition, the Crowne’s in-house restaurant is a legitimately great place for a Falls-view meal, especially when the light show is playing. It’s all very romantic.

A romantic breakfast in bed at a nice hotel should be part of any honeymoon.

Don’t shirk the classic attractions

This probably goes without saying, but of course honeymooning couples should visit the Falls themselves. We recommend fitting in a night time visit for maximum romance– even if you’ve already experienced this incredible natural wonder during the day. From evening fireworks to impressive light shows, the Falls appear all the more dramatic and beautiful under the stars. If you happen to be visiting in the winter or for New Year’s Eve, the occasion is especially memorable– if chilly! 

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And of course, taking a boat cruise right up to the Falls themselves is an absolute must-do on your trip. It’s a wonderful way to make an unforgettable memory with your new spouse. The iconic Hornblower Cruises will take you right up to the powerful waterfall on a twenty-minute tour that will leave you with lifetime memories… not to mention a souvenir poncho. Also make sure to bring a waterproof pouch for your camera and other water-sensitive equipment. 

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Get an Official Honeymoon Certificate

A classic honeymoon activity at the Falls is picking up an official Niagara Honeymoon Certificate signed by the mayor, which verifies that you had your honeymoon in Niagara. These certificates have been given out by mayors since the 1960’s, and you can pick them up at the official Niagara Falls Tourist Centre at 5355 Stanley Avenue. This is a special way to seal your memory of your honeymoon in the region– one that your spouse and your family members may cherish for generations to come! 

Niagara Falls is a very romantic place for a honeymoon; a visit to the world-famous falls is essential.

Pick up an Adventure Pass

While you’re at the Tourist Office, consider picking up a Niagara Falls Adventure Pass. The card gives you entrance to all Niagara Parks attractions, a ride on the Hornblower Niagara Cruise, two days of public transport, and a trip on the Falls Incline Railway. It’s much cheaper to buy the pass than buy each attraction individually, and if you want to see a ton of Niagara area attractions, it’s a killer deal.

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Have a Picnic

One of the most romantic (and next to free!) activities you can do is have a picnic. In the summer, there’s almost nothing prettier than sitting along the parkway, enjoying the roar and mist of the Falls, and having some wine and cheese with your new spouse. In the bustle of your trip, a calm picnic adds a relaxing moment to your day. Try some regional delicacies, like local wines and cheeses, or order take-out and dine in style.

Honeymoons in Niagara Falls How to Make Yours Special

Visit Niagara-on-the-Lake

For a detour away from the frenzy around the Falls, don’t miss nearby Niagara-on-the-Lake, a historic hamlet about 20 miles north that is home to many charming local boutiques and shops, cafes, fine dining, and a yearly theatre festival. With a view of the lake and plenty of shops to stroll around in, you can pass a day getting lost in this historic, old-world town. The area is also great for getting your hands on unique souvenirs you and your loved ones will actually enjoy.


Visit the Dufferin Islands

The Dufferin Islands are a short trip away from the Falls, and they’re easily the area’s best-kept secret. This secluded, 10-acre park is home to several small islands connected by footbridges and paths. See wild birds, visit hidden spots, and enjoy the catch-and-release fishing program while experience the natural beauty of the area in relative solitude and quiet. The best part? The entrance is totally free. Are you starting to see that a Niagara Falls honeymoon really doesn’t have to break the bank? 


Tour a Niagara winery

The Niagara region is home to many local wineries, including ones that produce the area’s true specialty: icewine! Check the dates of your visit to see if it overlaps with the wide range of events and festivals these wineries regularly host, because the tastings and tours are well worth a day drip. AirBus offers a day long winery tour that gives you access to a big range of local wineries. Also see some of our more recent reviews of some of the area’s unique wineries, including Caroline Cellars and Kew Vineyard Estate. These have been written by our local expert Kat Luxton, who’s passionate about bringing the secrets of local wine to our readers. 

Honeymoons in Niagara Falls How to Make Yours Special

A few final points:

  • Remember that if you’re traveling across a border to get here, you will need your passport, so don’t leave home without it.
  • High season is almost inevitably crowded so summer honeymooners should book their hotels as early as possible to get the best views and rooms.
  • Bring a rain jacket and good walking shoes: the area is well-furnished for tourism, but showers, cold spells and slippery terrain can still be an issue. 


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